World Press Freedom Day

On May 3, we have commemorated World Press Freedom Day, a day where we honor the importance of a fair and free news media as an asset to democracy, holding governments and other powerful institutions accountable to the public. The news media has been vilified by authoritarian regimes as their enemy, and rightly so; despotism thrives best out of the public’s scrutiny. An engaged voting public needs to know what THE HELL its government, corporations,  and powerful individuals and up to.

THIS is why trump has howled about the news media as “the enemy of the people-” a cry common among authoritarian regimes. (The enemy of HIS people, HIS lackeys, HIS deluded thugs, not the rest of the American people.) He wants to be free to gouge the American taxpayer of as much money as he can-him and his brood of vipers, like Don jr., Eric, Jared, and Ivanka-since he can’t make his money any other way, in spite of the business-whiz myth he developed about himself. The regular commercial media, independent presses, have been great at showing his for the fraud, racist, bully, tax-cheater, misogynist,  and ignoramus he is. (And the same goes for his family, pence, and his ministers, as well as the evangelical cheerleaders who foist him upon their disciples while they con more money from their pockets.)

The COVID-19 crisis has, through the medium of the news media, exposed trump as he and his gang are. Let’s continue to di the work of resisting them, staring with educating yourself on the issues with the help of a free, fair, not-to-be-intimidated news media. The workers in the media deserve it, and so do WE the American people.


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