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I am a freelance writer, having worked for newspapers, magazines and blogs for over twenty-five years, covering neighborhood and working people making their communities and their lives better. I believe in the power of the written word to bring about change, and I put that into practice. I believe that when we become aware of the effect our small actions in the community have in improving lives, we can truly make a difference. I am also one of the leading poets in the Philadelphia area, and I also write fiction. I also act, performing on the public access channel PhillyCAM.

Mike Pence Looms As Donald Trump’s Ultimate Poison Pill | HuffPost


via Mike Pence Looms As Donald Trump’s Ultimate Poison Pill | HuffPost


Moonstone Arts Center, July 25, 2018

I will attend the reading of the Moonstone Arts Center, to be held at Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom Street in Philadelphia, on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. (http://www.fergies.com/) The featured readers will be Clinton Smith, poet, prose writer, and musician; and poet Elijah Pryor. There will be an open mic reading, which I shall take part in. (http://www.moonstoneartscenter.org/).

Upcoming, July 19, 2018

This Sunday afternoon, July 22, 2018, I will have my books for sale at the swap-meet taking place at my favorite bar, Dirty Frank’s, 13th and Pine streets in Philadelphia. The anthology, All OF The Above, will be $20.00 per copy, and the two poetry volumes, Mutterings and Out Of The Box, will go for $10.00 each. I hope to see you there.

America’s Shame, July 16, 2018

Donald Trump, supposedly the President of the United States, went to Helsinki to meet Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia and the man helpful to donnie’s getting elected, with the Russian intelligence agents hacking the DNC and the Clinton campaign. In the press conference after the meeting-where there were no one else but interpreters, no foreign policy advisers-donnie commended Russia’s hosting the Word Cup, and took the word of Putin, the former KGB agent-you remember form the Cold war era, the KGB were the villains- over the findings of US government intelligence agencies-the same government donnie is supposed to be running-whether or not the Russian intelligence agencies sabotaged the election of 2016, jeopardizing what’s left of our “democracy,” thus installing a business failure-racist-misogynist-realty-show clown as president.

(Plus in the press conference, trump once again went off on a tangent about beating Hillary Clinton, like he’s campaigning again-but when does he ever stop campaigning?)

trump always had a soft spot in his “heart” for dictators and authoritarians, whether they be Kim John-Un, Erdogan, Recep Dutarte, Ix Jinping, or Putin. “Like takes to like,” as they say, and THESE are the role models trump is trying t follow.

Americans! Let’s stand up for our rights! Don’t wait until November, start NOW! Hit the streets, write to your editors, visit your elected officials!

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Low — And 12 Other New Strategies for Dealing with Right-Wing Trolls @alternet

How to mess with a troll in ways they don’t expect, ways that are perfectly suited to your wits and potential repertoire — but that you haven’t let yourself use until now. The US is rapidly becoming just another Hypocracy, a state ruled by absolute hypocrites – no self-aggrandizing hypocrisy they won’t perpetuate. Hypocrisy tends to corrupt; absolute hypocrisy corrupts absolutely.We’re way better educated, smarter and more articulate than these absolute hypocrites, so why do they have us on the run?Because we’re way more conscientious than they are. We fight with our fighting hands tied behind our backs for out-of-touch moral reasons, reasons that did make sense out of civic loyalty but not anymore.

Source: Don’t Be Afraid to Go Low — And 12 Other New Strategies for Dealing with Right-Wing Trolls @alternet