The Mason Missile, June 25, 2022

Greetings, Americans!

Earlier this month, I took part in the reorganizing meeting of the 48th Ward Democratic Committee, in South Philadelphia, and I was elected Secretary of the committee. I’m proud of the assignment, and I look forward to doing my part in urging people in my neighborhood to band together to address the problems they face-gun violence, racism, and the rise of fascism in this country. The members of the committee, who I’m proud to work with, and working-class people committed to dealing with our community’s issues.

We need more of that-activism at the grassroots and shop-floor level, people who are affected by decisions in corporate boardrooms and legislative bodies, where we working people are excluded. That’s the thinking of the billionaire class in this country and throughout the world: they act as if we, low-income and working people, who work in the factories where their products are made, have no business asking about how they run the business. (It’s the tendency shown in the rag of a “novel” by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. )

Also, I have been in and out of the national convention of the national AFL-CIO, which took place June 13-15 in Philadelphia, with its theme, “Building The Movement To Meet The Moment”. Here is another area of working people banding together to find their collective power. I heard addresses from Liz Schuler, the new (and first female) President of the federation, who came out of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW); and Fred Redmond, the Secretary-Treasurer, who came out of the United Steel Workers (USW).  There was also a panel of younger workers, from various backgrounds, adding their energy to the movement.

So many decisions and policies take place in corporate boardrooms—and country clubs, high-end restaurants and brothels, and golf courses—that serve to fatten billionaires’ bank accounts and stock portfolios, as well as weaken any attempt by working and low-income people to resist these attacks on our rights and our livelihoods.

A terrible example of this is the latest atrocity: The United States Supreme Court has voted 6-3 to overturn the landmark decision Roe v. Wade.    ( Don’t think for one minute they won’t overturn other rulings, which, like Roe v. Wade, have been considered “settled law” —voting rights, same-sex marriage, anti-sodomy laws, interracial marriage (like Clarence Thomas’). These nine individuals had the power to decide which laws are legitimate and which are not. It was the same body, though not all the same people, who voted to sustain Citizens United and similar rulings that called unlimited millions in donations to political campaigns “protected free speech.”

This is some fine legal logic—comparing the right to express your beliefs to dumping money on politicians who will do the oligarchy’s bidding! But logic and justice has nothing, NOTHING, to do with sustaining the power of ruling plutocratic elites. For decades, corporations have donated to think-tanks that cranked out press releases attacking environmental laws, unions, LGBTQ rights, and abortion rights; to political movements that raised fears about drag queens in schools, transgender girls in girls’ sports, the “Oppression” of Christians,  the greater prominence of non-white people in America; and to scapegoating people who are a little worse off than we are financially, like mothers on public assistance, or public employees who got their benefits from being in unions. (Hint, hint!)

Thus, we are divided against each other over some lame excuse or another; why be angry at a union workers for their benefits, when you yourself should enter a union to get the same damn benefits? Why bother the same-sex couple who love one another and don’t bother anyone else? Why keep a kid from learning about the world, and about our nation’s real, and bloody, history—and about who and what they truly are? Who is anyone else to decide the workings of a woman’s body, and what she needs to sustain it, and whether she should continue a pregnancy?

All of these issue are critical in and of themselves, but we must also remember the issue of class in our society—and yes, we have our own class of oligarchs, as evil as the crowd around Putin. They would love for us to attack and hate each other, so that  we don’t combine against them. It’s not either/or, it’s another serious issue we have to deal with, for the betterment of our society.

I was there Friday, June 24, for the rally in front of Philadelphia City Hall to protest the court’s terrible decision. The energy and determination of the crowd, with a lot of young people, was strong, and we must keep it up, in the streets, but more importantly in the ballot box.

Does the oligarchic class really think women who just accept passively the end of Roe v. Wade? Do the managers of Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, and others think their workers will continue to accept mistreatment? That LGBTQ people would accept being oppressed again, after the legacy of the Stonewall uprising of 1969? Do they think we’ll passively accept losing the right to vote, among other rights?  Apparently they do; their attitude around social issues is “We don’t want to hear of it or talk about it, and neither does anyone else.”

Yes, we WILL talk about them, we WILL advocate around these issues, and we WILL vote, and we WILL NOT give up our right to vote!

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay together! Slava Ukraini! America will be free! Bye!

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The John Mason Talk-Walk, June 24, 2022

I speak about the recent Supreme court decision to end Roe v. Wade, and of the Republican Party’s slide into fascism.

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The Mason Moment, June 20, 2022

I speak about the forming of the Greater Philadelphia Community Alliance, and of the significance of Juneteenth.

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Father’s Day At Dirty Frank’s

Come to Dirty Frank’s, located at 13th and Pine streets in Philadelphia, this Sunday, June 19, from 2:00-6:00 PM, where they’ll have their Father’s Day Celebration, with food, music, and a craft fair, where local craftspeople sell their handmade products-I’ll be there with my books for sale. See you there?

Pass a PA Budget for the people not the corporations!

Will the next state budget put the interests of Pennsylvania’s Black, brown, and white working people, in every corner of the state first? Or will it help the billionaire owners of corporations? Take action to tell legislators to invest part of the state’s $15 billion surplus in us. Tell them to fund education and also to help people afford groceries, gasoline, housing, and child care. Tell them not to cut corporate taxes while allowing multi-national corporations to pay nothing to the state. TAKE ACTION BELOW to tell Pennsylvania legislators that WE should be their priority!

Source: Pass a PA Budget for the people not the corporations!

The John Mason Talk-Walk, June 17, 2022

I speak about the attacks on LGBTQ school kids in state legislatures, the attacks on discussions around race in schools, and corporate tax breaks.

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The Mason Moment, June 14, 2022

I speak about the AFL-CIO, the importance of the Labor movement, and the need to resist the oligarchic class.

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The John Mason Talk-Walk, June 10, 2022

I speak about the upcoming AFL-CIO convention, the need for gun reform, and the neo-fascist turn of the Republican Party.

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The Mason Moment , June 6, 2022

I speak about the dangers of assault rifles in this country, and linking it to fighting the current wave of Fascism 2.0.

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Change In Plans

I’m not feeling well, so I won’t be able to attend the poetry reading at the Pen and Pencil Club. There’ll be other times. Thanks.

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