Netflix Made $845 Million In Profits And Paid $0 In Taxes Under New GOP Tax Law

Source: Netflix Made $845 Million In Profits And Paid $0 In Taxes Under New GOP Tax Law


Nazi Rally in New York, 80 Years Ago

Eighty Years ago today, home grown American Nazis-the German-American Bund-held a rally at Madison Square garden in New York. We’re seeing lately a revival of this malignant spirit, thanks to the foul person lurking inside the White House. His rhetoric maligning Muslims, Mexicans, African-American, and other minorities have enabled the current generation of neo-Fascists to crawl out of the woodwork and terrorize all of us.

Above is a memo from the War Department, dated March 24, 1945, about the nature of Fascism. I hope this country doesn’t have to relearn, the hard way, what Fascism leads to.

Article on John Wayne

Here is an article in today’s Washington Post, about the great film icon John Wayne, who was an icon for America’s right wing-=for reasons you will read.

Parshat Tetzaveh

This weekend we study the Torah portion Tetzaveh, Exodus 27:20-30:10. God instructs Moses to appoint his brother Aaron and his sons as priests of the Mishkan, the traveling Temple; God also instructs Moses on the manufacture of the vestments of the priests. “…you shall instruct all who are skillful, who I have endowed with the gift of skill,” (Ex. 27.3) to make the priestly vestments. The kinds of things that God instructs to be placed on the vestments include the color of the yarns, the fabric they are made of, the gems that are set on the vestments, and how each portion of the vestments-breast-piece, headdress, sashes-were to be made, along with how the priests were to be anointed in the consecration ceremony.

To me, this is compatible to the construction of the Mishkan in last week’s Torah portion, Terumah; just as the details of the making of the Mishkan shows the presence of God in the community, so the making of the vestments of the priest, who embodies each individual Jew, shows the presence of God for each person in their daily lives.

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He did it!

He did it! The son-of-a-bitch declared his “emergency” so he can get his stupid racist wall against the big bad immigrants escaping poverty, repression, and violence. He’s on the path to authoritarianism, that’s the real emergency. American! Rise up against the dictator wannabe!

Bombshell: Andrew McCabe Claims DOJ Discussed Whether Pence and Other White House Officials Would Oust Trump

‘They were counting noses’ to see whether or not they had enough Cabinet members to ‘remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment.’

Source: Bombshell: Andrew McCabe Claims DOJ Discussed Whether Pence and Other White House Officials Would Oust Trump

My God, it’s come to this! To put it bluntly, the Justice Department officials flatly discussed staging a coup d’etat against the President of the United States (the fuckin’ idiot!). It’s that bad. Personally, I would prefer that we, the American people, stage the coup.

Reclaim Philadelphia Meeting, February 9, 2019

On Saturday, February 9, I took part in a meeting of Reclaim Philadelphia, held at the Friends Center, 15th and Cherry streets in Philadelphia. This is the political movement that encourages progressive activists (like me) to run for local offices-committee people (like me), City Council, and state legislature.

Among the candidates present seeking endorsement for the May 21 primary election were Luigi Borda, Omar Sabir,  and Marwan Kreidie, running for City Commissioner; Ethelind Baylor, Sherrie Cohen, and Justin DeBernardinis for City Council at Large; Tonya Bah, running in the 8th Councilmanic District; and Wade Albert and Gregory Weyer, for Common Pleas Judge. Candidates were asked questions about such real issues as ending the ten-year tax abatement for real estate developers (which siphons money the City needs for services), the police advisory board, a moratorium on charter school development (and focusing on strengthening the public schools), housing as a human right, supporting workers right to organize, and climate change and renewable energy.

Kelly Morton, organizer for Reclaim Philadelphia, and Chair of its Democratic Party Transformation Taskforce
Madusa Carter, Mass Liberation Organizer, who gave a rap performance and spoke of her life and how it affected her activism and art.
Amanda McIllmurray, Lead Organizer, who spoke of how low-income and working people are need to unite across boundaries of race and ethnicity.

Their website is