I am a freelance writer, having written for newspapers in the Philadelphia area for thirty years, covering such community-based events as town watches, school boards, community associations, Labor issues, and demonstrations. I am an advocate writer; I specialize in writing about people in the community empowering themselves to make their communities better.

I am a long-time activist for the Labor movement and related causes. I have read deeply about the efforts throughout American history of workers and other marginalized groups working towards a better life for themselves and their children. I work to do my little bit in current efforts.

I have had to make my own media to get my point across. I have an e-mail newsletter, The Mason Missile, where I expound on current social and political issues of vital importance; you can find them on this website, and on http://masonmissile.blogspot.com/ . I also have a series of videos, called “The Mason Moment.” on my YouTube channel, please look them up. 

I also have a podcast, The Praxis with John Mason, on Spotify. 

I am a man who seeks to do what is best for his communities and the world in general. During my childhood and adolescence, I was bulled, teased, picked on , and mocked by not only the other kids but also adults-teachers who didn’t give a crap about me, people who treated my hopes and ambitions like a joke, and my own parents who couldn’t see past their own prejudices. They treated the the bullying and teasing like it was my fault, or took part in the “fun.”

From that experience, I have learned to not hold so-called authority figures is awe, and to love myself; and to understand that it is my right and duty to myself and the community to stand up for my rights and the rights of others, however necessary.

Over the years I’ve had to reject ideas that have long been accepted as “truth.”  Your family has nothing to do with DNA, it’s the people you love, and who love you. Your home isn’t the building you dwell in, it’s where you feel safe. And as for the “adults” who didn’t care about me-age is not the same as adulthood; so many young people show great maturity, while many people in their seventies and sixties are silly little brats.

I also have the power, right, and duty to question the ideas that were forced onto me growing up, in “school,” the pulpit, and the media  that were available at the time; what they taught was not how the world works in real life. All of this fuels my activism and my writing.

I am dedicated to education and lifelong learning, whether in a classroom, sitting at home reading books, or talking with and observing people; learning never ends after school is out. I go by the slogan of one of my favorite programs of adult education,  Mount Airy Learning Tree (https://mtairylearningtree.org/), “The truly educated never stop learning.” As a kid, the library was my refuge; I have always been an avid reader, and continue to be one.

In May 1984 I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in History; in May 2018 I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Labor Center, with a Master’s of Science degree. I now seek to continue on to a Doctorate.

I am a published poet; I have read my work in various venues in Philadelphia, such as Najee’s Loft, Kelly Writers House, Painted Bride Art Center, Sedgwick Cultural Center, and Robin’s Book Store/Moonstone Arts Center. I have two volumes of poetry, Mutterings and Out Of The Box; they are available on Amazon .com. An anthology of my writings, All Of The Above, has been published by Moonstone Press, http://www.moonstoneartscenter.org/.

Here is the link to my Amazon author page.

Here is the link to my podcast, The Praxis With John Mason (Anchor/Spotify)

I am proud of all my work, and I work hard to pay for it all. I welcome advertising and donations, to sustain and further my work. My PayPal link is https://www.paypal.me/jom57.

Please send all correspondence to:

1500 Walnut Street, Suite 800

Philadelphia, PA 19102

E-mail: johnomason@johnomason.com

Donations are appreciated. I thank everyone for their support.

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