The Mason Moment, August 18, 2020

I talk about the trump regime’s war on the US Postal Service, the necessity of voting, and endorsing the Biden-Harris ticket.

Defend USPS

trump and his minions have declared war on the United States Postal Service (USPS)- a popular agency of the government they’re supposed to be running. This is part of the effort to prevent mail-in ballots from going through the mails, so people can vote without having to risk contracting the Coronavirus; they have done such things as take away sorting machines and mail boxes in several states that war important in the Presidential election.

Leading this trumpist effort is Louis DeJoy, a longtime republican door, trump’s Postmaster General, and investor in several private delivery firms that would profit from the destruction of the USPS, an institution specifically mandated in the Constitution, Article One Section Eight, under the duties of Congress, “To establish Post Offices and post Roads”.

The postal system is OURS, it belongs to all the American people; yet for a long time, Republicans has floated the idea of privatizing the postal system, for no purpose but “the free market,” in and of itself. The postal system, along with delivering mail-in ballots, also delivers our newspapers and magazines, and our medicines, and our Social Security checks. Business would grind to a halt without the mails delivering products, which is a dangerous thought during the economic crisis due to the pandemic due to donnie’s incompetence. The Postal Service is also great at hiring military veterans.

We must stand up for OUR postal service. we must contact our members of Congress and urge them to vote for the HEROS Act, the Coronavirus relief bill-it has $25 billion allocated for USPS, along with the funding for state and local governments and the $600.00 a week stimulus for unemployed workers. Plus we must support the workers of the Postal service-members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) ( , our fellow workers and Americans. Please do what you can to support them.

Standing Up To Tyrants

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, there is an article by Trudy Rubin about protests in an eastern Russian city, against the arrest and detention of a popular governor; the official’s “crime” was to defeat a candidate favored by Putin. In spite of the growing dictator ship that Putin is imposing-which trump is trying to emulate-people in that region are on the streets protesting against the Putin regime, and people in the rest of Russia-in spite of Putin’s control over the media-are hearing about it. (

If the people of Russia can stand up to Putin, we in the US of A-allegedly the “Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave-” can certainly stand up to Putin’s pet boy that lurks in the White House bunker. Taking to the streets and standing up to a regime that wants to be more repressive-THAT is the American way. Who knows? When-not if, WHEN-we remove trump from his hole in Pennsylvania Avenue, and we eliminate his foul stench from our government, that will be a signal to other countries with authoritarian regimes-I’m thinking of Russia, Hungary, Brazil, and Turkey-to take to the streets and stand up for their OWN freedoms. Come on, Americans, we can DO this!

Fascism USA

We’ve seen the videos out of Portland-“agents,” really thugs, wearing military fatigues and tactical gear, hitting peaceful protesters with batons and pepper spray, at war with their fellow Americans. The protesters have, for the most part, not provoked or started any of the violence, but the “agents” have torn into them with brute force. This is from a regime that has no other defense-no popular base of support, no accomplishments, no way to sustain itself except brute terror, hoping the opposition is beaten into submission; it’s their only argument.

Fortunately, the protests, instead of declining, have been expending; they have included mothers, fathers, and military veterans who recognize donald trump-I won’t treat him with ANY respect, he is NOT worthy of it-as their REAL enemy, and the enemy of the American people.

Be warned, Americans, that which Jack London called “The Iron Heel” will come stomping into your city, like Philadelphia; and when it does, don’t hesitate to make like John Lewis, and make some “good trouble” for freedom-our forebears, and our children, are worthy of it.

World Press Freedom Day

On May 3, we have commemorated World Press Freedom Day, a day where we honor the importance of a fair and free news media as an asset to democracy, holding governments and other powerful institutions accountable to the public. The news media has been vilified by authoritarian regimes as their enemy, and rightly so; despotism thrives best out of the public’s scrutiny. An engaged voting public needs to know what THE HELL its government, corporations,  and powerful individuals and up to.

THIS is why trump has howled about the news media as “the enemy of the people-” a cry common among authoritarian regimes. (The enemy of HIS people, HIS lackeys, HIS deluded thugs, not the rest of the American people.) He wants to be free to gouge the American taxpayer of as much money as he can-him and his brood of vipers, like Don jr., Eric, Jared, and Ivanka-since he can’t make his money any other way, in spite of the business-whiz myth he developed about himself. The regular commercial media, independent presses, have been great at showing his for the fraud, racist, bully, tax-cheater, misogynist,  and ignoramus he is. (And the same goes for his family, pence, and his ministers, as well as the evangelical cheerleaders who foist him upon their disciples while they con more money from their pockets.)

The COVID-19 crisis has, through the medium of the news media, exposed trump as he and his gang are. Let’s continue to di the work of resisting them, staring with educating yourself on the issues with the help of a free, fair, not-to-be-intimidated news media. The workers in the media deserve it, and so do WE the American people.


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OUR Commander-In-Chief?

Again, trump opens his mouth, and the entire nation is humiliated.

A few days ago, he accused Jews who vote for Democrats “disloyal,” using the old Anti-Semitic theme that Jews-like ME-don’t really belong to this nation. ( ) He has often confused loyalty to the nation to loyalty to himself.

There has also been talk that trump plans to purchase Greenland from Denmark, and that he cancelled a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mete Frederiksen over the issue. ( ) Where did that idea come up?

After the recent incidents of gun violence in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, trump again talk tough about cracking down on the problem and forcing Congress to work out a deal-then, after a phone conversation with Wayne LaPierre, leader of the National Rifle Association (NRA), he backed down. ( )

Next, trump has retweeted the comments of Wayne Allyn Root, a conspiracy theorist who was part of the anti-Obama “birther” movement, and who has other conspiracies about prominent Democrats; Root announced that trump “is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America” and that the Israelis “love” him “like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God”. ( ) ( ) All this keeps trump’s egomania and vanity well-fed; trump is a weak-minded, weak-souled excuse of a man who needs sycophants and brown-nosers around him, telling him how wonderful he is.

Now, today, at a quickie press conference, trump, in talking about his trade deals with China, looks to the heavens and proclaimed, “I am the Chosen One.” ( ) There has been so much speculation about turmp’s mental condition-Alzheimer’s? Syphilis? And it is We the American people suffering from his delusions, his stupidity, and his callousness. American-rise up and remove this imbecile!

Showdown Coming?

Would trump rile up his followers-including the white nationalists and neo-fascists-to fight any attempt to remove him from office, either by impeachment or voting out? I wouldn’t put it past him; trump has no knowledge or regard to the political system or American history, no idea of respect for the rule of law or human rights-he is simply a self-centered plutocrat, no different from the crowd around Putin in Russia, who definitely assisted trump in the election of 2016. If he goes down, he’ll try to take the nation down with him, and we must see he doesn’t.

In standing up to trump, the signals are mixed from the Democratic congressional leadership, but other voices are entering the mainstream. Nancy Pelosi originally stated that trump wasn’t work the bother of impeaching-he was the zero he is-a jab at his vanity, which would anger him; now she’s indicated that impeachment is on the table. Is she genuinely warming to the impeachment idea? Is this a subtle threat to trump? I don’t think he has the brains to take the hint, all he understands in brute power, by the State or by the fist.

Our political system is geared towards avoiding violence but towards compromise and working things out to keep things from going too far; but HAVE things gone too far? We are not in normal times.trump wont’ take defeat, and neither will his acolytes.

The Mason Missile, March 31, 2019


Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has submitted his report into the meddling of Russian intelligence systems into the 2016 presidential election favoring trump-I’ll never show him respect!-to his superior, Attorney General William Barr, a longtime Republican asset. Barr released a four-page digest with his own idea of summarizing the report (of at least 300-plus pages)-I, and so many others, would prefer to see the actual report, just as, during the Watergate scandal of the ‘70s, we read the White House tapes. But, even Barr’s summary said that Mueler’s report “does not exonerate him (trump).”

I don’t want to dismiss Mueller, or hype him up; he has been a dedicated and honorable public servant, and I respect his work. It is fortunate that he had to work with a thoroughly corrupt regime. But fear not-there are the investigations of the Justice Department’s Southern New York, and the congressional committees at work, showing the trump doesn’t have the entire federal government under his control-yet; he still has his dictatorial dreams, wanting to be like Putin, Kim Jong Un, Bolsonaro in Brazil, and Viktor Orban in Hungary.

I am galled by the Republicans claiming, with Barr’s four-page summary of two years of investigation, that trump is fully exonerated, while he is not; the Republican base, and its media like Fox News, is talking to itself and listening to itself. I believe even they have a good understanding of how corrupt trump and his crew are, including Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, and Kushner; but do they care about the future of this country and of the planet? The lessening of health care, education, and job opportunities in this country?  Are they also bullies who worship someone who pretends to be powerful, and so live vicariously through him?

Feeling their sense of entitlement to rule the government without thinking of anyone else’s opinion, the Republicans have demanded that Adam Schiff (D-CA) resign as Chair of the Judiciary Committee-but he’s stood fast against them. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke against the “condescending” and “arrogant” tone of Barr’s letter, and she demanded the full report-as do we all.  ( (

Recently, I joined other Jews, like in my synagogue, Congregation Leyv Ha-Ir ( in celebrating Purim, the rocking, rolling, riotous holiday where we celebrate the downfall of the wicked Haman (Boo!), through the work of the beautiful Esther (Woo hoo!), honoring the downfall of puffed-up despots who want to be worshiped as the gods they’re not. (Like someone we heard of). In a few weeks we will celebrate Pesach, AKA Passover, where we celebrate the liberation of the Jews from slavery-an ongoing theme in history that constantly has to be celebrated in every nation, in every faith, in every era. Let us maintain the spirit of those two wonderful holidays as we fight to win back our country for the people.