WHOSE Stock Market?

On Tuesday, November 24, the New York Stock market closed at 30,000 points, setting a record. (https://www.nbcnews.com/business/markets/dow-hits-30-000-start-transition-biden-prospect-yellen-treasury-n1247399) As a working person and Labor activist, I must raise the questions “And? and “So?” .

What does the Stock Market really mean? What does it really reflect? Does it do any good for the millions of American workers who have no work, and thus no income to feed their families, pay their utilities and mortgages, have to go to foodbanks to attain food, and worry about medical expenses, especially around the COIVD pandemic? Does it benefit people who have no homes, or battered women who need a place of refuge from their abusers? Or people dealing with opioid addiction?

The Stock Market is only good for the billionaires who hold stock in companies, and contribute little else to a company’s development, who do no work on the shop floor, who do no research and development. Yes THESE are the people our economic policy, for five decades and both parties, have sought to benefit. Productivity has increased for decades, but wages have either shown no growth or have fallen.

In the upcoming Biden administration, economic policy must focus on the benefit of working and low-income people, who actually manufacture, transport, and sell the goods we purchase, and who spend their money on local stores in their neighborhoods. This would include a national minimum wage of $15.00 an hour, a national health care system-yes, “Medicare For ALL!”- and a strategy, worthy of the New Deal, for upgrading our nation’s infrastructure-roads, bridges, airports, sea ports, railways, electric power grids, and the internet-and a “green jobs” program, to shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, and would employ more workers then carbon-based fuels do now.

That is what we must demand from the Biden administration, because that is what we deserve. We, and not he stock market, and the true measure of the nation’s economy.

stock exchange boardstressed woman looking at a laptop

Take The Gloves Off!

The presidential “debate” this past Tuesday shows once again the kind of bullying rich brat donald trump remains, and the kind of dictator he aspires to be, along with Putin and Kim Jong Un. He constantly interrupted Biden an Chris Wallace, like it was his manorial right as one of the socio-economic elite. Biden, a way more mainstream politician with experience in debating, had to finally bark, “Will you shut up, man?”, realizing trump wont’ follow any rules, either of democracy or common decency.

Wallace asked trump if he would condemn the white supremacist-neo-fascist elements that have rallied to his campaign; trump kept talking about alleged left-wing violence and said (talking like the ignorant bully-boss he is) “Gimme a name.” Biden mentioned the proud Boys, a notorious neo-Nazi gang of thugs ( https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2020/09/25/moment-proud-boys-have-been-waiting). trump said to them, “stand back and stand down,” telling them to get ready for action.

This is no longer politics as usual; to remain in the White House, trump will utilize every lever of state power, and his hold on his cult followers, encouraging terrorism against his opponents, breaking every law and allowing Russian intelligence agencies to spread misinformation over social media, so that we don’t know who or what to believe. this is the kind of “man” we have as our “president.”

No more of this! No more being pushed around! The civics lessons of junior high no longer apply! We’re NOT giving up, we WILL vote, we WILL take to the courts AND the streets, we WILL save our democracy! Are you ready, Americans?

protesters walking on street
Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com