The 4th of July, What To Do About It

Independence Day, July 4th, the day where we celebrate our liberties, is tomorrow. I said “liberties;” what do we have to celebrate right now? we have a “President” who talks like some drunk in a bar at 3 AM; who brags of his deal-making genius, but has been conned by North Korea, which is continuing its nuclear program, while he called off military exercises with South Korea; who tells his supporters at rallies, “Knock the crap out of them,” and glorifies the days when you can beat up your political opponents; who, daring to call himself a “populist,” brings mockery to that idea by supporting a tax cut for the wealthy, while also supporting cuts in Social security, Medicare, and other pro-people programs; who appoints people into certain agencies who oppose that agency’s mission, such as Scott Pruitt at the EPA; who supports the separation of children from their parents, causing untold suffering to both parents and children; who makes religious and racial minorities, and fine, hardworking journalists into scapegoats for his supporters to hate-the list goes on.

Protests has come about, and are not stopping, against the Muslim ban in immigration, against the taking of the children of immigrants, against the racism he encourages, against the disrespect he has shown to women, among others. Such examples are the confronting of Stephen Miller and Krisjen Nielsen in MEXCAN restaurants for the immigration policies, marches and pickets at ICE offices-all in the finest traditions of American protest. But of course-it’s as predictable as snow in December-people would say, “You’re being too confrontational, it’s not nice what you’re doing, it plays into trump’s hands.” It’s a subtle hint for us to be quiet.

I’m sure the agitators who helped to start our OWN revolution also heard talk like this; but they kept at it, they prevailed, and so our country was formed. Our enemy must not dictate to us what our strategy should be, and we must never stop standing up for what is right, and to what is wrong.

This is serious business, and we should treat it as such; but, we must also take a break and relax, and be fresh for the ongoing fight, so enjoy your 4th.

Pesach is on the way

I will be celebrating theholiiday of Pesach, or Passover, with my congregation. Many of my other freidns will celebrate Easter. Whichever holiday you celebrate, may it be a happy one for you and your loved ones.

I have the custome of writing resolutions for not only New Year’s, but my birthday, Rosh haShona, and Pesach. Here are my resolutions for Pesach 2014:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self esteem, and self-respect. I will not speak negatively about myself, and I will be careful about my thoughts, knowing they impact my outside world. I will overcome all needless fear, doubt, and hesitation.


I will continue to develop my art and business as a writer, attending writing and poetry events and classes, sending out poems and stories, updating my resume and web site, networking with other writers, etc.


I will continue to be loyal and dedicated to Jewish religion, history, culture, Kabala, Israel, Hebrew, etc.


I will continue to study foreign languages.


I will continue to utilize all types of self-education, like libraries, galleries, museums, lectures, readings, etc.


I will continue to know the love of women and the joy of sex.