Pesach is on the way

I will be celebrating theholiiday of Pesach, or Passover, with my congregation. Many of my other freidns will celebrate Easter. Whichever holiday you celebrate, may it be a happy one for you and your loved ones.

I have the custome of writing resolutions for not only New Year’s, but my birthday, Rosh haShona, and Pesach. Here are my resolutions for Pesach 2014:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self esteem, and self-respect. I will not speak negatively about myself, and I will be careful about my thoughts, knowing they impact my outside world. I will overcome all needless fear, doubt, and hesitation.


I will continue to develop my art and business as a writer, attending writing and poetry events and classes, sending out poems and stories, updating my resume and web site, networking with other writers, etc.


I will continue to be loyal and dedicated to Jewish religion, history, culture, Kabala, Israel, Hebrew, etc.


I will continue to study foreign languages.


I will continue to utilize all types of self-education, like libraries, galleries, museums, lectures, readings, etc.


I will continue to know the love of women and the joy of sex.


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