It\\\’s Not Black Folks\\\’ Burden To Forgive Racist Killers

I hate it when any people, when someone attcks them for race, religion, or any other reason, that people are told to “get over it,” like it’s no big deal, and that fighting back is somehow bad. There is this school of thought that says it’s better and somehow “noble” to put up with opporession, suffering, or abuse; “it builds character, real men take abuse and you’ll get your reward in Heaven”-and that resisting and complaining about it is evil, or shows weakness.

That is what I call “slave religion,” epitomized in the old Wobbly song, “you’ll get pie in the sky when you die.” Well, I don’t believe in waiting for the next world, I believe in taking a stand in THIS world.

What did Jesus mean by saying-assuming he DID say it-“Turn the other cheek?” Sit back and let everyone beat the shit out of you? That is the way we have been taught to read that verse, by religious and other institutions who want the lower orders to stay in their place and put up with abuse that benefits those in power. I urge everyone to rethink and challenge all this nonsense.

It\\’s Not Black Folks\\’ Burden To Forgive Racist Killers

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