Philly For Change, January 2, 2019

Tonight, I will attend the monthly meeting of Philly For Change, at Tattooed Mom, at 5th and South streets in Philadelphia ( Featured speakers tonight will be candidates for this years’s municipal elections:

Melissa Robbins, and Fernando Trevino, running for City Council;

Jen Devor, running for City Commissioners;

and judicial candidates Gregory Weyer, Kay Yu, and Henry Sias.

Please attend and ask questions.

Philly for Change Meeting

Once again, I will attend the monthly meeting on Philly for Change on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, to be held at Tattooed Mom, 5th and South streets in Philadelphia. This is where you hear guest speakers discuss such issues as gun control, municipal reform, enviromental concerns, and legislative redistricting, as well as progressive candidates for state and local offices. I hope you can attend and see what you can do to improve you community.

Philly for Change

One of the groups I have long been active with is Philly for Change, the Philadelphia branch of Democracy for America, which was founded after the Howard Dean campaign of 2004.

They meet every first Wednesday of the month at the bar-nightclub Tattooed Mom, 5th and South streets in Philadelphia. Tonight, the guests will be Brian Sims, State Representative, who will discuss the state budget issue; Naiymah Sanchez, transgender advocacy coordinator for the ACLU on trans rights; Kate Goodman, of Fight for 15, on the minimum wage issue; and Melissa Robbins of NOW on pay equity.