Saving Our Democracy

I urge you, ALL of you, to get out and vote on November 3, to remove this corrupt, putrid regime from OUR White House. trump has been a stench on our country, ruining the reputation of the United States, and proving his incompetence and disinterest in the public well-being by doing nothing about the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging through our nation, sickening several million of our fellow Americans, killing over 220,00 of them. He is a sorry excuse of a man who uses our military against their fellow Americans-the same military he calls “suckers” and “losers.” He uses his office to steer money towards his otherwise failing businesses and towards his useless offspring.

And he WILL do any vicious act, through the courts or his hired thugs and goons, to stay in power, either declaring votes to be illegitimate to by physical intimidation. By that act, we cannot recognize him as our legitimate President, and is there =fore unworthy of obedience or allegiance. We must take to the streets to support our democracy, as the people of Belarus have done against their authoritarian dictator. The future of the country is in our hands.

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