trump has loaded the Supreme Court with his toadies-Neil Gorshuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, who will be alongside Clarence Thomas in wearing away certain rights down to zero: the right to a safe abortion; the rights of LGBT people to hold a job, live in an apartment, to marry, or just to live; the rights of workers to redress grievances, to earn a fair income and employment opportunities, and to have a safe working environment; and, particularly relevant right now, the right to vote in elections, so that we the people can influence those decisions affecting us and our communities.

The 2020 elections are on, and so are Republican efforts to undermine the peoples’ right to vote, and the ability of states to accurately count the ballots, utilizing a number of legal gimmicks, so that their orange boss-man remains in power, and they stay in power. Have they ever considered that we the people will NOT accept having our rights taken from us? These rulers over us are so apart from us that they have no idea what we live through on a daily basis. this is particularly true concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

And they must expect us to accept any erosion of our rights they put before us, like it’s a done deal. American history is full of times when a situation that is going on at that moment is permanent, such as slavery. But dedicated activists, like the kids out on the streets protesting police abuse and urging people to vote, have, and continue to, push our country in a more positive direction.

The day after the election, there will be demonstrations to support our right to vote; we will show we won’t tolerate the violation of our rights. Please be sure to take part in one in your area, you know I will, for the sake of our country and its future.

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