The Mason Moment, October 27, 2020


I cannot stress enough the necessity of voting on November 3rd, if you haven’t already done it by mail. Only WE the American people stand as a bulwark against t—p’s drive to attain a dictatorship, just like his idols Putin and Kim Jong Un. We know t—p is down in the polls, but that is no grounds for overconfidence-that’s what got us the disaster of 2016.

The FBI has uncovered another effort by the Russian intelligence agencies of trying to interfere with our election system (, just as they did in 2016. But t—p continues to accept such interference, since it benefits him; he is dependent on foreign meddling in our elections. But, as they say, the Russian cyber-attacks on our elections have utilized the racial divisions that have plagued our country from the beginning. It’s a cliché-though VERY true- that racism and ethnic rivalry have been used by elites to keep the working and lower classes under control, so that they don’t combine against their masters. Well, it’s true once more, but this time it’s a foreign entity playing Americans against each other.

The Republican leadership-of course Mitch McConnell-willfully did nothing about it, but accepted the Russian cyber-attacks, just so they can attain power and ram through their dreams of deeper tax cuts for billionaires and loading the federal judiciary with their kinds of judges-ones who will bring women’s reproductive rights to zero, who will limit workers’ rights to organize, and who will reduce the ability of people of color to vote-which brings me to the nomination and finalized appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

t—p and the Republicans act as if we should sit back and allow this to happen to us-the elimination of people’s rights is now a done deal. No, we will NOT accept this! The protests against Coney-Barrett, demonstrations against police abuse in minority communities, the neglect that our own government has for its own citizens in distress, are signs of continuing upheaval in this country. Our “leadership” in this country has disconnected itself from the rest of the population, caring nothing for the suffering the COVID-19 pandemic has cause, refusing to pass legislation for relief for state and local governments, small businesses, hospitals that have dealt with treating COVID patients and workers who lost work due to the pandemic.

And what has been the Republican leadership’s response to pandemic unemployment? “reopen the schools, reopen the job sites,” while the COVID is resurging throughout the country, and if workers catch the virus and die so that Republicans and their corporate backers can get richer, how heroic of them!  

Failure is NOT an option, Americans! We MUST vote out this regime on November 3, so that the good name of our country will be restored. And if Donnie and his dodos refuse to leave graciously, we must take to the streets in record numbers, as they did in Belarus against their authoritarian regime. We owe it to ourselves, the generation before us fighting for freedom, and our descendants.      

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay together! America will be free! Bye!

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