Standing Up To Tyrants

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, there is an article by Trudy Rubin about protests in an eastern Russian city, against the arrest and detention of a popular governor; the official’s “crime” was to defeat a candidate favored by Putin. In spite of the growing dictator ship that Putin is imposing-which trump is trying to emulate-people in that region are on the streets protesting against the Putin regime, and people in the rest of Russia-in spite of Putin’s control over the media-are hearing about it. (

If the people of Russia can stand up to Putin, we in the US of A-allegedly the “Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave-” can certainly stand up to Putin’s pet boy that lurks in the White House bunker. Taking to the streets and standing up to a regime that wants to be more repressive-THAT is the American way. Who knows? When-not if, WHEN-we remove trump from his hole in Pennsylvania Avenue, and we eliminate his foul stench from our government, that will be a signal to other countries with authoritarian regimes-I’m thinking of Russia, Hungary, Brazil, and Turkey-to take to the streets and stand up for their OWN freedoms. Come on, Americans, we can DO this!

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