Fascism USA

We’ve seen the videos out of Portland-“agents,” really thugs, wearing military fatigues and tactical gear, hitting peaceful protesters with batons and pepper spray, at war with their fellow Americans. The protesters have, for the most part, not provoked or started any of the violence, but the “agents” have torn into them with brute force. This is from a regime that has no other defense-no popular base of support, no accomplishments, no way to sustain itself except brute terror, hoping the opposition is beaten into submission; it’s their only argument.

Fortunately, the protests, instead of declining, have been expending; they have included mothers, fathers, and military veterans who recognize donald trump-I won’t treat him with ANY respect, he is NOT worthy of it-as their REAL enemy, and the enemy of the American people.

Be warned, Americans, that which Jack London called “The Iron Heel” will come stomping into your city, like Philadelphia; and when it does, don’t hesitate to make like John Lewis, and make some “good trouble” for freedom-our forebears, and our children, are worthy of it.

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