Strike at CCP?

Faculty at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), members of AFT Local 2026, are preparing to go out on strike. Here are the issues:

CCP administration wants full-time faculty to teach up to 65 more students each semester than professors in other local community college. That would greatly affect the ability to learn, the one-on-one connection to the professor is important.

The college refuses to pay for such support staff as counselors, librarians, advisers, and tutors, even though tuition has increased five times in the past ten years, and such support greatly increases the ability of students to learn.

The college wants to take away the right of faculty and students to express their opinions in committees, or in any other way.

The faculty of CCP is 25% white, but the student body is 75% of people of color. The union calls for hiring more professors of color, but the college wants to impose contracts that would frighten away new faculty.

For further information, please contact, or twitter@fsfccp.