Boycott Airlines?

The shutdown of the federal government goes on, due to tRump’s insistence that a wall be built to protect us from immigrants seeking a better life than political repression, criminal gangs, domestic abuse, and corruption in their homelands. Included in those federal employees deemed “essential”-they have to work without pay during the shutdown-are TSA agents, the people who check airlines for security, and air traffic controllers.

What kind of morale could they have, working for nothing for a President who uses them like poker chips in a big political poker game? What kind of stresses could they be having-included with doing their jobs, they have to also worry about feeding the kids, paying the mortgage and bills; but certain members of CONgress, and definitely our commander-in-chief, don’t have to worry about that stuff. They are the handmaidens of corporations who pay them off to weaken regulations on food, occupational safety, mines, financial transactions, and environmental quality; and who skew the tax laws in their favor.

Included in these corporations are air lines. I propose boycotting air travel, since the quality of air travel safety is too compromised, and the stresses on TSA workers and air-traffic controllers are too great, to be relied on. It will relieve pressure on the TSA and air traffic workers, who are already too stressed to do their important jobs effectively; and it will pressure the airline companies to pressure tRump to give up his stupid-ass border wall. I think it’s an idea worth kicking around.

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