Resolutions For New Year’s 2019

I continue my custom of New Year’s resolutions:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem,and self-respect, thinking more positively about my life and my abilities, and remembering the positive elements of my life.

I will continue my activism in my social and political causes.

I will continue to be loyal and faithful to Jewish religion and history, Torah, Kabbalah, Israel, etc.

I will continue to develop my art and business as a writer, attending classes, readings,  and workshops.

I will continue my education, with classes, seminars, libraries, galleries, etc.

I will continue such spiritual practices as Torah study, meditation, affirmations, etc.



I join the rest of the Jewish world in celebrating Pesach, aka Passover, the celebration of the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, the crossing the Red Sea, and the marching through the wilderness to get to the Promised Land.

The Hebrew word for Egypt is “Mitzrayim,” the place of narrowness, of limitation; where do we face limitation in our lives? Where do we limit ourselves? Where do we find ourselves stifled and repressed? What are the rivers we have to cross is order to find our fulfillment, to attain our fullest potential? What would our “promised land” look like, our place of fulfillment?

Let us ask ourselves these questions as we enjoy our Pesach.

Spirit Work

I call this my spirit work, reading and saying affirmations-short, positive statements-and mediation, which I’ve done for many years.

With the affirmations, I have index cards on which I write  the short positive statements, like “I am a man of the greatest intellect,” and “I’m ready to help out when people need a hand right away,” and “I am an avid reader, and I have excellent reading and vocabulary skills,” and “I am a man of many many talents,” and “I am the sexiest man and most wonderful lover.” (Hey, why not?) I read these cards regularly, over and over, once a day, and it sinks in gradually, entering your subconcious mind, and so your attitude about yourself and your life gets better.

With the mediation, I find a quiet space and time, and I sit with eyes closed and breathe deeply, and I ofter visualize something positive, or I listen to recordings, audio tapes or CDs, with guided meditations to direct your mind, again, positively; I do this for twenty minutes to an hour, and my mind and body untenses and I think clearly. I urge you to give them a try, they’ll work for you.