Spirit Work

I call this my spirit work, reading and saying affirmations-short, positive statements-and mediation, which I’ve done for many years.

With the affirmations, I have index cards on which I write  the short positive statements, like “I am a man of the greatest intellect,” and “I’m ready to help out when people need a hand right away,” and “I am an avid reader, and I have excellent reading and vocabulary skills,” and “I am a man of many many talents,” and “I am the sexiest man and most wonderful lover.” (Hey, why not?) I read these cards regularly, over and over, once a day, and it sinks in gradually, entering your subconcious mind, and so your attitude about yourself and your life gets better.

With the mediation, I find a quiet space and time, and I sit with eyes closed and breathe deeply, and I ofter visualize something positive, or I listen to recordings, audio tapes or CDs, with guided meditations to direct your mind, again, positively; I do this for twenty minutes to an hour, and my mind and body untenses and I think clearly. I urge you to give them a try, they’ll work for you.

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