Conversations Across Time

One of my many activities is acting in Conversations Across Time, broadcast over PhilyCAM, the public access channel of Philadelphia (Verizon channel 29, Comcast  channel 66). The format is that we portray historical figures discussing contemporary issues, like immigration, nuclear arms, poverty, etc. In this show I have portrayed John Foster Dulles, Roy Cohn, J. Edgar Hoover, Henry Kissinger, George Wallace, Lyndon Johnson, and Horace Greeley, among others. I urge you to look at the show and think about the issues they discuss.

My Work In PhillyCAM

Thursday I once again performed on the program Conversations Across Time, on PhillyCAM (Verizon channel 29, Comcast channel 66) the show where we impersonate historical figures discussing today’s issues; this time we discussed the Electoral College, and the presidential election of 1876, where Samuel Tilden (Democrat) had more popular votes than Rutherford B. Hays (Republican, whom I portrayed), but there was a dispute in the electoral votes. Due to a backroom deal, southern Democratic House members voted to allow Hayes to become President, and in return, the US troops were withdrawn from Louisiana and South Carolina, states that had Reconstruction governments run by Republicans. This left the newly-freed Blacks vulnerable to their former masters. The federal troops enforced the reconstruction laws, but the troops were later used to put down strikes by workers starting to organize into union, and revolts of Native peoples.

The great thing about PhillyCAM is it empowers neighborhood people by helping them produce their own shows and get their own message across, thereby circumventing the corporate media, which tries to make a quick buck off of low-income culture.

To see the show, please look up


I did PhillyCAM

This afternoon, I performed again in Conversations Across Time, the show hosted by my friend Vivienne Crawford; and again, I portrayed Lyndon Johnson, and Mark Hoffman portrayed Michael Schwerner, one of the three civil rights activists who, while trying to register Black people to vote in Mississippi, were killed the Klan, with collusion by the local police.

The theme was to urge people to vote; it is a precious right to have, not to be neglected, especially when we have a flat-out racist-sexist-fascist psychopath running for President. People like Schwerner, Goodman, and Cheney gave their lives to make sure people have the right to vote; please, don’t let their sacrifice be for naught, get out and vote tomorrow.

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PhillyCAM Work

Tomorrow and Tuesday (after I vote), I will be at PhillyCAM again performing on Conversations Across Time; THIS time, we will be performing LIVE, and I will again play Lyndon B. Johnson, and we will discuss the urgency of getting out to vote-PLEASE get out and VOTE! PhillyCAM is on channel 29 on Verizon FIOS and channel 66 on Comcast. I urge you to watch the show, and I urge you to vote like your country depends on it, because it DOES.

The High Holy Days

we are coming upon the High Holy days, Rosh ha-Shona and Yom Kippur-the new year, the time for a new beginning, where we re-evaluate our lives, where we look at what we did right and what we could improve on.

I follow the High Holy Days tradition-IF I have offended or harmed ANY person, I ask that person’s forgiveness. AND, if any person out there has harmed of offended me, I forgive them.

Here are my resolutions for Rosh ha Shona:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love, self-esteem, and self-respect, thinking more positively about myself and my life.

I will continue to be loyal to my various social and political causes.

I will continue to develop my art and business as a writer, with writing practice, prompts, attending readings and seminars, etc.

I will continue to attend all available avenues of education and cultural advancement, such as classes, galleries, libraries, museums, plays, etc.

I will continue to enter other artistic fields, such as acting, photography, etc.

I will continue to consciously attain downtime, for my rest and recreation.

I will continue to go deeper into my Jewish faith and life.

I will continue to develop my personal relationships.




ConversationsAcrossTime Abrams – YouTube

Wednesday, I performed in a taping of the show Conversations Across Time,
on PHILLYCAM. I enjoy trying new things and developing new skills. Along with the writing which I love, I will add acting to my skill set.

via ConversationsAcrossTime Abrams – YouTube.

▶ Part 3 – Mary Chestnut & Governor George Wallace – YouTube

Here is my performance as George Wallace on Conversations Across Time.


▶ Part 3 – Mary Chestnut & Governor George Wallace – YouTube

via ▶ Part 3 – Mary Chestnut & Governor George Wallace – YouTube.

▶ Conversations25 – YouTube

Here is my performance as Lyndon Johnson on the show “Conversations Across Time,” with my friend Vivienne Crawford and Babette Josephs, on PhillyCAM.


▶ Conversations25 – YouTube

via ▶ Conversations25 – YouTube.