Ruminations, August 31, 2022

  1. Over the past week, I enjoyed time in a few of the parks available in Philadelphia: I attended a jazz concert, combined with a community services fair, at Stephen Girard Park, 21st and Shunk streets in South Philadelphia; a cookout with my ward committee, at FDR Park, 15th and Pattison Avenue (; and another cookout with my friends at my beloved bar, Dirty Frank’s, at Lemon Hill, in Fairmount Park ( In those times, I appreciated the benefit of greenspace in urban areas for people to relax and have fun in. we can’t allow developers, who only develop overpriced condos for rich people and chase out low-income and working people from the homes they dwelled in for decades, and who tear apart established neighborhoods with their own unique flavor.
  2. The Artemis space program, delayed by a fuel leak earlier this week, is set to try again early next week. The plan is to establish a permanent base on the Moon, then use it as a launch site for later missions to Mars—the stuff of old-time science fiction movies come to reality. In this first, unmanned practice run, a Space Launch System (SLS) will launch the Orion space craft to reach and orbit the Moon, and then return to earth safely. (

I personally have no problem with space exploration—when I was a kid, my parents woke me up so I can watch the Apollo 11 landing, and Neil Armstrong walk on the lunar surface. However, with all the technological skills employed in developing the space program, we can certainly utilize them to deal with problems here on THIS planet we inhabit—pollution, unemployment, drought and famine, rebuilding our infrastructure, upgrading our schools, you name it. Preserving our municipal green spaces, like I mentioned above, falls into that category; our OWN planet needs to be repaired and kept habitable to live in.

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