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Like every other American in Pennsylvania, I got a hoot out of Mehmet Oz’s preposterous attempt to portray himself as just an average American dealing with high prices at the grocery store, as he runs as a (trump-endorsed) Republican for the US Senate; that is, when he goes shopping at “Wegner’s” (?) and goes shopping for his wife for a crudite.  (https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/ozs-viral-crudite-video-sums-up-campaign-fetterman-pennsylvania-rcna43992) So, like everyone else, I got on Google and found that “crudite” is a French term for an appetizer tray with vegetables and dip-what normal people call “a veggie tray.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crudit%C3%A9s) All that did was give John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate,  a way to raise over $500,000 for his campaign, and the rest of us a good laugh.

Oz even said that when you have millions of dollars (like he does), “The value of money decreases”, sounds pretty weird when you talk about having your clothes from Zenga, a super high-end clothing brand. (https://www.zegna.com/us-en/) On the web site, you’ll find sneakers for $890.00, jackets and coats for $2790.00, and t-shirts from $345.00 to $375.00.  (https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/john-fettermans-campaign-just-hit-230500724.html) 

It’s ridiculous that plutocratic people try to pretend to be plain folks dealing with the same issues working and low-income people face-rising prices, utilities, groceries, medical care, and neighborhood violence. Yes, they Do think we’re THAT stupid, and we must let them know we’re not falling for that nonsense.

By the way, I now endorse JOHN FETTERMAN for the US Senate from Pennsylvania.

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