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I make it a point to do as much of my shopping as possible in small businesses-buying my hardware in the local hardware store instead of Home Depot, getting my computer fixed at my local computer guy, my coffee from the local diner instead of a fast-food chain, and of course getting a beer at my favorite neighborhood bar. The large chains are multi-billion dollar conglomerates, not connected to their communities, like the small shops are.

They’re definitely not attaining any of the federal funds that certain members of Congress, all too beholden to corporate interests hankering for more welfare for the wealthy. It’s a known fact that corporate lobbyists sit down with their pet congress-members to draft laws favoring billionaire interests; this is how billions of dollars are shifted to foreign bank accounts to avoid paying taxes, leaving workers a nd small entrepreneurs powerless.

Even in the midst of the COVID pandemic, with over 15 million Americans sick, 260,000-plus people dying, medical workers worked to exhaustion, workers unemployed since their worksites are COVID hotspots, and small businesses struggling and possibly closing permanently, members of the Senate are demanding that the tax breaks for corporations continue (like the 100% tax write-off for business meals) and that corporations not be liable for COVID-related illnesses at their worksites. (I’m pointing the finger at YOU, Mitch McConnell!)

No more of this! It’s literally a matter of life and death, for humans and small businesses, and their communities. Please call you federal elected representatives to let them know that people are suffering and need relief NOW, and let’s take our government back.

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