Prosecute Trump!

In 1974, Gerald R. Ford, one month into being President, granted a pardon to Richard Nixon, his predecessor who resigned in disgrace foe to the Watergate coverup he took part in. There were protests, but the official spin through the news media said that the pardon was a way to heal the nation from the scandal and move forward.

I call bullshit to that! It was a way for Nixon to evade going to prison for undermining the rule of law with comic-book attempts at forming a police state. Nixon won the Presidency due to racially charged appeals to ‘law and order,” meaning the repression of African-Americans and anti-war protestors; as his own aide John Ehrlichman admitted, the “War On Drugs” was a took to suspend civil liberties and attack opponents. When faced with “law and order” himself, Nixon resigned and Ford bailed him out of a jam. It’s a typical form of the political establishment watching our for each other.

Now, donald t—p is finally going to a a private citizen, and will have to face the consequences of his criminal conduct, without the shield of the Presidency to hide behind; and there will be the please from various sources to say, “Let’s leave him alone and move on.”

No way! t—p’s rhetoric was all about beating up on opponents, and he encouraged his disciples to do so, such as telling the Proud Boys “Stand back and stand by,” and encouraging the Q-Anon conspiracy movement, which has resorted to potential violence. That’s his “law and order!”

Americans, we must insist that the rule of law covers everyone in this country, rich, poor, and everyone in between; and that money can’t continue to buy a rich person’s way out of prison. t—p and his minions MUST be prosecuted for their crimes, and we must insist that happen.

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