Protesting Good Sense?

I saw the pictures of the “protests” At the state capitol in Harrisburg yesterday, compatible to the “protests” in other states,demanding the immediate reopening of all businesses, no matter that the COVID-19 virus is still menacing our health and lives, and due to the total incompetence of donnie dumbass trump, we have neither vaccines nor protection-gowns, masks, ventilators, etc.-to try to limit its spread. (

Fortunately, Governor Tom wolf is not being intimidated by the raving mob of idiots-I can’t put it nicely-and he has outlines a phased strategy for reopening areas of the state. ( The majority of the public nationwide is sticking with good sense, waiting for the medical and scientific experts-like Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Pennsylvania state Health Secretary Rachel Levine-to decide when it’s safe to reopen businesses and end social distancing.

And the “protests” themselves? They were organized by the same billionaire organizers of the Tea Party astroturf “movement” of racists and self-centered people who were told by the same billionaires that their enemies were welfare recipients, other low-income people, and immigrants-who just happened to be people of color. The same billionaires are behind these hatefests instate capitols, which displayed trump banners, confederate flags, and an occasional swastika.  And, alas, the commercial news media, like with the tea party phenomenon, is tempted to treat this as a genuine people’s uprising.

(And you notice a lot of the people attending these rallies carried assault rifles-for what? It’s damn sure not to hunt ducks; ere they trying to intimidate everyone? As is often the case with white and conservative events which have rifles and terroristic talk, there were no penalties against them; there is a sense of privilege among white conservatives, that they could do the same things that would get people of color and more leftward people into trouble and possibly death-and get away with them.)

No more of this? Let’s commend Wolf, Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer,  Pritzker, and all the other public officials who listen to the medical and scientific experts-like Fauci and Levine-and stand up to the lunatics who care nothing about their own health or that of the rest of the public.  Let us support the medical workers-cleaners, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, etc.-who rink their lives so save ours. let us do what we can to help those in need during the pandemic-the crisis and brought out the worst and, thank God, the best in us, with people donating money for local charities, and time for making masks and distributing food.

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