Enough Is Enough!

trump is sinking to the lowest of lows. he is now instigating, through his Twitter, his followers to violence, with his cries “Liberate Michigan!” Liberate Minnesota!” “Liberate Virginia” (with a reference the the almighty Second Amendment (never mind the others in the Bill of Rights). His worshipers are crowding state capitols with trump flags, Confederate flags (very patriotic, NOT!), and assault rifles demanding that businesses be allowed to open, never mind the Corona-virus is still floating in the air, and who gives a damn if they get killed from  it? Due to these brainless mobs, hospitals’ entrances are blocked so that ambulances can’t get in, but what do they care?  They’re only concerned about themselves; or ARE they concerned about themselves-do they just what to show themselves as dutiful servants for their corporate masters, that they would take whatever pocket-change salary and forms of abuse they would send their way?

(These demonstrations have been organized by a conservative group with ties to trump’s  Education Secretary, Betty DeVos-who married into the DeVos family, founder of Amway and known conservative paymasters, and sister of Erik Prince, founder of the army-for-hire Blackwater. Do they understand they’re being manipulated by aristocratic people who care NO-THING about them? Will they ever?)

NOW is the time to get trump out of the White House-NOW! Do we HAVE to wait until November 3rd to get him out? we must hit the streets, call our elected representatives, and keep making a noise to stand up to trump, pence, and their ilk. we deserve better than-THIS!

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