Showdown Coming?

Would trump rile up his followers-including the white nationalists and neo-fascists-to fight any attempt to remove him from office, either by impeachment or voting out? I wouldn’t put it past him; trump has no knowledge or regard to the political system or American history, no idea of respect for the rule of law or human rights-he is simply a self-centered plutocrat, no different from the crowd around Putin in Russia, who definitely assisted trump in the election of 2016. If he goes down, he’ll try to take the nation down with him, and we must see he doesn’t.

In standing up to trump, the signals are mixed from the Democratic congressional leadership, but other voices are entering the mainstream. Nancy Pelosi originally stated that trump wasn’t work the bother of impeaching-he was the zero he is-a jab at his vanity, which would anger him; now she’s indicated that impeachment is on the table. Is she genuinely warming to the impeachment idea? Is this a subtle threat to trump? I don’t think he has the brains to take the hint, all he understands in brute power, by the State or by the fist.

Our political system is geared towards avoiding violence but towards compromise and working things out to keep things from going too far; but HAVE things gone too far? We are not in normal times.trump wont’ take defeat, and neither will his acolytes.

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