I’ve been away for a while

Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been at a Labor conference with other activists, where we learned again of the forces arrayed against workers, such as the plutocratic Koch brothers and other billionaires who would grudge workers, people who worry about paying bills feeding their families, their pensions and Medicare. (How much money is enough for these folks?)
We also learned the importance of being politically engaged as workers, and the same billionaires and their political puppets seek to weaken unions so they could not support favorable candidates and stand up for workers against their bosses. We have a serious fight on our hands, but we will not shrink for the fight-I know I won’t.

Happy May Day!

I am joining tomorrow with other terrific Labor activists to celebrate May Day (just a little late), the International Workers’ Holiday. The rest of the world celebrates May Day as a worker’s day, but in the US of A we’ve been programmed to think of it as a Commie subversive holiday. Well, reality has changed. There is no longer a Soviet Union to be afriaad of, and the failure of the “free market”, no-regulation capitalist model to provide for everyone, EXCEPT a plutocratic elite. The people, particularly the workers, ARE waking up and rising up.