I have worked for the longest time with Larry Robin and his Moonstone Arts Center, which has been a wonderful forum for poets in the Philadelphia region.

Tomorrow, I shall join over a hundred of the region’s finest poets for Poetry Ink, a celebration of National Poetry Month. It will take place at 12 Noon at District 1199C AFSCME, on 13th and Locust streets. The poets will have copies of their volumes available for sale; please purchase the volumes and support them. The food will be potluck, so please bring something to share.

On Sunday, May 7, will be a reading of poems of protest and resistance, held at the Grass Plaza of Brandywine Workshop, 728 South Broad Street. There will be readings of poems on such themes as women’s issues,  war, immigration, and freedom. Book sales will start at 12 Noon, and the readings will start at 2:00 PM.