Philly Labor Supports Our Veterans

The Labor movement in Philadelphia is proud of our military veterans, and honors their service with these programs:

On Saturday, November 17, at 2:30 PM, there will be a “fight night” the Sheet Metal Workers Local 13 Hall, 1301 South Columbus Boulevard, to raise funds for “A Lift For A Vet,” a program of Local 5 of the International Union of Elevator Constructors. I A Lift For A Vet’s purpose is to buy and install vertical transportation systems, such a home lifts, chair lifts, and elevators, into the homes of disabled military veterans. For further information about the boxing event of A Lift For A Vet, please contact Ed Loomis, IUEC Local 5, at (215)397-8706, or go on the web,

Philadelphia Labor is also taking part in raising funds for a memorial for those who have fallen in the Global War On Terror, in Afghanistan and Iraq. The organizers of the memorial need your help to build a monument for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in America’s longest war.   To see about donating to this effort, please visit the website,

GOP senator blocks veterans\’ suicide prevention bill | TheHill

How’s THIS for a disgrace? Coburn is the kind of “representative” who sends young men and women in harm’s way, so he can look like some big, strong he-man, then, when these kids come back mentally and pphysically damanged, he does nothing for them. Tom Coburn, remember that name for shame.


GOP senator blocks veterans\’ suicide prevention bill | TheHill

via GOP senator blocks veterans\’ suicide prevention bill | TheHill.