My Most Memorable Vacation

In February 2017, a few months after I retired from the City pf Philadelphia, I took the trans-Atlantic flight to Israel, one of my dreams. I stayed in the David Intercontinental Hotel on Kauffman Street in Tel Aviv, facing the Mediterranean. I visited such sights as the Jaffa Train Station, now a little mall with cafes and shops; the Rabin Museum, the IDF museum, and the Palmach museum; and the Carmel Market a block away from the hotel.

I took the bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and I took the taxi (the driver was friendly and helpful) and he drove me to the entranceway of the Kotel. I washed my hands, put my kippah on, and wrote the little note to put into the crevices of the Kotel; I put my note is, and, not knowing what to pray at the time, put my hands on the Kotel-that was my prayer.

Lord speed the day when I go there again.

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