Throw It Down!

There have been protests in front of the residences of justices of the US Supreme Court, following the leak of the decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, upholding the right of the woman to have a safe abortion-as there should be. These protests and demonstration have been entirely peaceful-but protestors have been admonished by news pundits to NOT protest, with the old lame excuses of “It’s counterproductive” and “it makes the cause look bad.”

Nonsense! Like I said, the protests have been peaceful, and Supreme Court justice, like every other public official, has to held accountable for their actions while in office, and answerable to the public. The rights of a woman to have a safe, medically-correct abortion is being threatened, and Republican-dominated state legislatures have bills on tap to restrict the ability of women to have an abortion down to zero. And we’re supposed to be quiet about it? We can’t stand up for our rights? How can you be quiet about something so serious?

Social change is not a kid’s game; it takes the dedicated work of activists over the decades, even centuries, of affect any improvement in the rights of formerly marginalized people. We must know the urgency of this situation, and being good little boys and girls will get us nowhere. We must assert ourselves in our work to preserve abortion rights and all other rights. and get in the face of those who would take them away.

Voting sure helps; the Pennsylvania primary election is next Tuesday, May 17, and I urge you to PLEASE get out and vote in massive numbers-the stakes are high, and the danger is real.

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