Remember January 6

The riot that pro-trump terrorists-yes, call them that-was one of the most horrible events in this nation’s history; it showed how a hate-filled, ignorant, violent minority, guided by a self-serving charlatan, rampaging in the halls of Congress trying to overturn, by force, the results of a free-and fair election, thus showing how fragile is that which passes for “democracy” in this country.

It also shows how the Republicans, trying to attain the votes of such people-it’s their real constituency anymore-are glassing over the riot, saying that it was more like a nice group of tourists having fun, or trying to distract from the riot-“but BLM!” in that riot, they tried to find and kill members of Congress and vandalized federal property ,and police officers were injured-one of them gouged out the eyes of a DC cop, others were beaten, and one of them was killed. And this is the faction screaming “back the blue” and “blue lives matter”-as alone as the cops attack non-white people protesting for their rights.

Forget about it? No way! We have commemorations for the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the 9/11 attacks, and rightly so-human lives were lost that should not have been, just like in January 6. I propose there be annual commemorations of January 6,  where we rededicate ourselves to preserving our democracy and expanding on it, to make sure more people have access to the ballot box. we can do this with a voter registration drive; discussions in our local libraries, houses of worship, unions, and neighborhoods, etc., about the issues affecting our communities; discussions about the dangers of racism, anti-Semitism, and violent extremism in our communities and over the internet; food and clothing drives and other volunteer activities; and voting when ANY election day comes, and NEVER allowing ANYONE to prevent us, either by voter-restricting laws, gerrymandering of legislative districts, or brute physical force.

Never allow the terrible events of January 6 be forgotten, and may our enemies remember they WILL NOT intimidate us.

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2 thoughts on “Remember January 6

  1. John I love your fresh approach to telling your truth. Keep up the good work. With that in mind I think your comparing of the January 6th event to Pearl Harbor or 911 a bit over the top. Like comparing the USA invasion of Grenada with the Normandy Invasion in WWII.

    I feel your outrage, but maybe the rhetoric is just a bit hyperbolic. Just sayin’

    • Thanks for the input Candice. I don’t believe my analogy of January 6 to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor was too far off the mark. They were all disasters our nation suffered through; the January 6 rampage was an attack on our democracy, not by some foreign agents but by home-grown terrorists inside the nation. We can’t allow willful amnesia to erase this from our collective memory. Again, thanks for your connection.

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