Freedom Ride For Voting Rights

This Saturday, June 26, I’ll join many other Philadelphia citizens in the Freedom Ride For Voting Rights, sponsored by the union  UNITE/HERE, to go to DC to join voting-rights activists and continue to advocate for the For The People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and statehood for the District of Columbia.

The US Senate failed to stop the filibuster on the vote for the For The People Act, but the fight is definitely NOT over. We’re continue to get in touch with OUR senators and Congress-members to let them know we’re not AT ALL giving up on the fight for our rights.

We must continue to resist the impediments Republican state legislatures are erecting to prevent people of color from voting; since they must resort to such despotic tactics,  the Republican Party has shown it has no ideas to offer the American people, itself as unfit to govern. They must never get the ideas that we’ll just give up and put up with  the loss of our votes and our voices. In the ‘fifties and ‘sixties, brave activists have literally died to advance voting rights; we must never let them down.

The fight for freedom is ours, are you in?

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