Health Care Scam Alert

I’ve had to start searching for a new health care provider, since the plan I’m currently on will expire at the end of August. If I was to continue with my current Aetna plan, I would have to pay $900.00 a month (!). I started an on-line search, and saw dozens of health-insurance brokers, and I worried about working with a reputable one. I left them my phone number for information, and all of a sudden I got all these robocalls, one right after the other, and it drove me crazy. It’s a serious concern-which one of these is a legitimate firm, and which one is a scam? The constant harassment of consumers would indicate a scam. I eventually had to change my landline phone number; it’s no different from changing the passwords on your social media.

It’s occasions like this where a national health care plan, i.e., Medicare for All-and All means ALL!- so you don’t have to go through this nonsense of having to look for a decent health care plan and not have to go through some boiler-room racket to find one; that’s a source of stress on top of whatever health problems you may have already. Health care should be treated like a right of every American, and not some luxury for the affluent. Let us continue our work towards that goal until we get it.

Also, if you have any robocalls coming at you constantly, you can contact the National Do Not Call Registry, run by the Federal Trade Commission,

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