Resolutions for Pesach 2021

I continue my practice of resolutions for Pesach (Passover), the holiday commemorating the liberation of the Jews from bondage in Egypt. It’s a metaphor for the struggle to get yourself out of any type of oppression and limitation, be it an addiction, a bad relationship, or an oppressive regime. Lord knows we’ve been in a place of limitation and powerlessness-we had a pandemic that sickened and killed our fellow Americans, and a regime that did nothing about it. We are now celebrating the gradual lessening of the COVID-19 over our lives, as long as we follow the guidelines of washing hands, social distancing, and wearing masks.

Here are my resolutions for Pesach 2021:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-long, self-esteem, and self-respect, paying attention to the positive elements of my life.

I will honor and support Jewish religion, history, and culture.

I will continue my education, via libraries, museums, classes, galleries, etc.

I will continue to advance and pursue my art and business of writing, attending seminars, meetings, conferences; reading and submitting to journals, etc.

I will continue such spiritual practices as medication, Torah study, affirmations, yoga, etc.

Please have a great Spring holiday season.

Hemperiffic Card

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