trump Is Still A Shitbag!

Yesterday, trump said he would veto the COVID relief package, which Congress approved after months of political gameplaying, and months of people dying of the pandemic, losing their jobs and incomes, and facing food shortages and eviction from their homes. His reason is, he wants to raise the amount of the stimulus payments, from $600 to $2000. Nancy Pelosi said, to the effect of, “Great, let’s go for it!” I wouldn’t turn it down IF it was true; I would like some Socialism for working and low-income people, rather than Socialism for corporations, welfare for the wealthy.

Of course, you can’t trump trump in anything he says or does; he is the same sorry-ass excuse of a “president” who did and said nothing as Russia cyber-raided government agencies; who took money from cyber-security programs and support for military families to pay for his silly-ass wall against Mexico; who verbally encouraged the most violent and vicious elements of the neo-Nazi and racist right, calling them “very fine people” and telling the Proud Boys goons, “Stand back and stand by;” who used his political campaign as a personal source of income, during and after the election; who tried to bully the Ukrainian government, while they needed support for their fight against Russian aggression, demanding slanderous material about Joe Biden’s son; who referred to fallen military personnel as “suckers and “losers; and who denied the existence of the coronavirus, first calling it a “hoax”, then saying it would just go away in the spring, while millions became sick from it, and over 300,000 Americans-some’s loved ones-died from it-that’s just scratching the surface.

And, now, all of a sudden, he gets generous with our money. Of course, the original $600 was a paltry amount, and I could do with my own $2000, which would go to pay for goods from local businesses, which have been hammered by the pandemic; and it’s great to see Mitch McConnell, trying to remain the boss of the Senate, and deep in the pockets of Russian oligarchs like trump, squirm as he tries to adjust to this situation. But remember that trump remains the thieving, lying, immoral, bullying moron and thug he always has been, being bred for that by his similarly racist and avaricious father.

I say take the $2000, and use it to bring down trump, McConnell, and the rest of the Republican crime syndicate, and to raise up our communities.

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