COVID Relief Package

So, at long last, the CONgress of the United states has finally agreed upon a relief package for dealing with the coronavirus crisis that has plagued our nation, and shown us the king of ignorant, feckless people we have running our government. They finally agreed upon continuation of an extra $300 in unemployment benefits, $600 in direct payments, and support for small businesses, small businesses, farmers, the Postal Service, schools and colleges, and broadband access, plus $70 billion for Coronavirus relief. (

It did NOT have to be like this. Our alleged “president” refused to take seriously the danger of the COVID-19, and talked about it like it was just the regular flu, but it has killed over 300,00 Americans; he has encouraged the most ridiculous stories around it, and has refused to aid states as they fought to control it, while ICUs filled to over capacity. He has bolstered the most crackpot elements lurking the internet as they featured phony treatments for the virus. And now, our nation has become a pathetic mess.

And the political gameplaying in Washington, with Mitch McConnell refusing to allow the bill to the Senate to vote on (like he OWNS the Senate!) because it doesn’t have liability protections for corporations from lawsuits if their employees catch the COVID, along with more tax breaks for his precious corporate paymasters.

Again, it didn’t have to go down like this. We deserve better, as citizens and as human beings. Fortunately, we got together and elected a new President, not at all perfect, for a decent human being who will take seriously the damage the virus has done to us, and will pay attention to the science around it. Let us hold all of our elected officials accountable in how they deal with the COVID an our other maladies. We deserve it.

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