A Word About The Fourth

Independence Day is a couple of days away, and-how can we celebrate? Our “President” is an ignorant, selfish moron, a fool who, out of his vanity and his need for money and more money, betrays American soldiers so he can attain the help from a foreign adversary to try to win reelection. Due to his willful ignorance, he allowed the coronavirus to spread so fast, so that the economy is broken down, and about 130,00 have died. Through all this, he spreads misinformation about the COVID, such as how ingesting bleach and household cleanser can kill it-if not you along the way-and “it’s going to disappear.” Through all this, people have become ill and some of them have died, who did not have to-people we love.

On to p of this, we once again confront the racism embedded in our country’s history and psyche, with the police-related incidents of racism discrimination-the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others-and how our own military has been set upon peaceful protesters, so he can stand in front of a church holding a book he knows nothing about.

Along with this is the ongoing discussions about the Confederate monuments throughout the nation, set up not right after the Civil War, but during the establishment of Jim Crow segregation and during the rise of the Civil Rights movement, to remind African-American who was in charge-they weren’t so much works of art as propaganda tools. Our alleged “President” takes the side of Confederate traitors, in the discussion of the monuments and the naming of military bases, showing his own blatant racism.

But-the true American spirit shows in the protests over police abuse of minorities, the honoring of Confederate traitors, and the need for better leadership and real protection from the corona-virus. Throughout the nation, young activists have been elected to state and local offices, overturning longstanding office holders. People have also responded to the COVID by joining in food drives to make sure people who can’t leave their homes are fed.

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