Voting During COVID-19 In Pennsylvania

Due to the coronavirus crisis in the country, many states, including Pennsylvania, have pushed back the dates of their primary elections; in Pennsylvania, it is now June 2. There is also the move to have people vote by mail; to do that in Pennsylvania, get on the website, to apply online for a mail-in ballot, using your driver’s license number or non-driver state ID number. If you don’t have either of these, you can download a copy of a paper application, in either English or Spanish, and mail it to your county’s Board of Elections. You can also download a copy of an application for an absentee ballot.

In a situation like this, leadership is important; we must have officials in charge who are competent and interested in the public welfare-something lacking in the executive branch of our federal government. We simply MUST vote, for our community’s well-being and that of our children. The general election is on November 3; for the sake of your nation and your community, PLEASE get out and VOTE.

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