Take Part In The Census

I have taken part in the Census for 2020, and I urge all of you to also take part in it. The Census is how the government knows how many people are in the nation and in a particular location-region, state, county, municipality, or congressional district; and that determines how federal funds are allocated for schools, highways, public safety, water, etc., and how legislative districts are drawn.

It also shows the demographics of the country at a particular point in time-how many there are of a particular ethnic group, religion, etc.; how many are dwelling in rural areas, suburbs, and major cities; how many people are in a particular income bracket in any particular city or county, which occupation they hold, and what the major industry of that area is.

Expect efforts to repress the count of the Census, particularly aimed at racial minorities, that are similar to efforts to discourage voting; this is to undercut certain areas so that they don’t get their share of federal resources. Plus, I have come across so many people who don’t bother with the Census, acting like it does no good-but it does. Please take part in the Census, for your well-being,and that of the community.

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