The Mason Missile, January 30, 2020

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Since this publication takes a good deal of work and time, I welcome any donations, and I am willing to discuss ad space. I will be happy to advertise your business in the Missile. Please contact me and we’ll discuss it.

I am now taking my writing business to the next level; I have now attained the paperwork from the State of Pennsylvania to classify myself as a limited liability corporation, and I am now Sole Member of Mason Media LLC. This is indeed serious business for me. My focus remains on working with labor organizations, nonprofit community and social change groups, and small businesses standing up to the giant conglomerates.

The impeachment trial of trump is going on, and the Senate, under the control of Mitch McConnell (and NOT of the voters to purportedly elected the senators) will rig the whole procedure for trump’s benefit-no calling of witnesses, and all discussions going into the late into the evening. This would make it one of trump’s productions to perform in, get him “exonerated,” and he can brag about it to his adoring fans, who will be motivated to vote him back in. McConnell, as a Senator, signed an oath to be an impartial juror in this trial, but right over Fox News, he made it clear he would coordinate with the White House counsel.

The work by Democrats in the Senate is fine, but we need serious grassroots organizing around the impeachment and beyond. We have to continue to hold demonstrations in our communities, contact the senators, and write the letters to the editor, to show we won’t take a sham trial from a sham Senate for a sham President.

Recently I did some volunteer work for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday-a “day on,” not a “day off,” as they say; I volunteered in a clinic, sponsored by Pennsylvania State Representative Jordan Harris  (, for the state’s new “clean slate” program-Representative Harris introduced the bill in the General Assembly. Persons who have been convicted of a low-level, nonviolent misdemeanor, if they stayed out of trouble ten years after, could have access to their records blocked by potential employers; access to those records are limited to criminal justice agencies, state licensing agencies, and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and county child welfare agencies. I believe all persons, who recognize they veered off-course in life and want to get themselves right, must be given every opportunity.

Alas! The MLK holiday was the time when “gun rights” groups in Virginia converged on the state capitol in Richmond against the newly-proposed gun control bills in the legislature. Latching onto this event was a collection of conspiracy theorists like Axel Jones; plug-ugly racist gangs like the Proud Boys; and a variety of neo-Nazis hoping to instigate a race war. The whole point was-what? That they can do it without consequences, without being punished for it, even after the governor declared a state of emergency and banned firearms from the capitol? What if the gun-toting marchers were men of color, or Muslim? Race is the all-encompassing factor in our nation’s gun fetish.

We have our work cut out for us in this country-to fight off the racist, neo-Nazi lunatics in our midst, starting with their big enabler lurking in the White House. Our weapons of choice are our consciousness of our strength as we band together-“rugged individualism” is a total crock!-and our votes, IF we use them. As a committeeman in my ward in South Philadelphia, it’s part of my job to urge people to register to vote, and to urge them to utilize that precious right what so many brave activists-like Dr. King- lost their lives for. Let’s honor King’s and other’s memory by voting for our children and our country’s future.


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