Over the last several decades, the buying power and wages of American workers have stagnated, as productivity increased. It correlates with the decline in Labor union membership in this country; wages and benefits are far better wherever the workers are in a union. Since the air-traffic controllers’ strike of 1981, broken by Ronald Reagan, the Labor movement has faced a decline in members and constant losses in contract negotiations and organizing drives. In spite of the National labor relations Board and other Labor-friendly laws, corporations have worked to make it next to impossible for workers to organize.

We must remember that in spite of its flaws-which body of human beings is perfect? Certainly not corporations-the Labor union movement has been a successful vehicle in fighting for the empowerment of working and low-income people, and a bastion against corporations totally controlling our government for their benefit and at the expense of all other citizens. It’s no wonder that huge corporations and plutocrats, such as the Koch Brothers, have spent billions of dollars to elect their candidates to office to implement their legal drive towards oligarchic rule in this country, along with subsidizing “institutes” and magazines to propagate their message.

That’s why it’s important for workers to organize-these plutocrats an dtheir political handmaidens care nothing for poor, working, and low-income people, and the Labor movement is the perfect force to stand up to them. we can protect workers’ right to organize by advocating the Protecting The Right To Organize (PRO) Act going through Congress-Senate Bill 1306 and House Bill 2474. This bill would:

severe penalties on employers for firing workers engaged in organizing drives; workers have lost their jobs for that;

the end of “captive audience” meetings, when, on company time, workers were assembled and forced to listen to anti-union harangues and propaganda;

allow workers to act in solidarity with workers in other companies;

and allow workers to attain a fair first contract after formally organizing.

This is something that workers and their allies must support. Please call you senator and/or congress-member and have them vote for the PRO Act.

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