Fox News, GOP media now warn of bloodshed if Democrats win in 2020

It’s come to this, threatening to engage in armed violence if their opponents get democratically elected and implement popular, and long-overdue, regulations around possessing firearms. Conservatives have been the spoiled children of American politics; every President has had to look over his shoulder at what the right-wing will complain about next. When the Obama administration put out the report on right-wing violence as a national security threat, the conservative media-Fox News, et al-let out such a whine about being reporessed that the administration recinded it.

But the threat is real; the next administration-please Lord, a Democrat!-must come down HARD on these bullies and terrorists-yes, they ARE terrorists!- and let them see we WILL NOT be intimidated! we WILL stand up to these spoiled bullies, and we WILL take their evil toys away from them! And when we do, we’ll finally see the kind of gutless, yellow-bellied tapeworms they are, and they’ll crawl back under their rocks of insignificance!

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