Rosh Ha-Shona 2019

We are now in the month of Elul, the month before Rosh Ha-Shona, the Jewish New year. this is the traditional time for reflection on the past year, and how we can refine our lives even better.

As part of Rosh Ha-Shona, I have my Rosh Ha-Shona resolutions, compatible is those for New Year’s, my birthday, and Pesach:

I will continue to conduct myself with self-love,self-esteem,and self-respect, rejecting negativity in my mind and my life-I deserve better.

I will continue my art and business as a writer, attending writer’s gatherings, classes, conferences, etc.

I will continue to be loyal to Jewish traditions, religion, culture, etc.

I will continue to look up various educational venues-classes, galleries, museums, libraries, lectures, etc.

I will continue to improve my social skills.

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