Psychological Writing Practices

I’ve gone through a great deal of psychotherapy, and some modalities for healing involve writing, which I’m great at. Here are some I have learned over the years:

Diary, Journaling-Sit down and write about what’s on your mind that time and day, at least for 15 minutes; this is great writing practice, and a form of self-psychotherapy, and a guage of how you’ve evolved over time.

Write “I am grateful for…”, and list at least ten things you are grateful for in your life, like the house you dwell in, the income you receive, your health, etc.

“To do” list, write down every thing you need to do today, and over time, and when you do the job, cross it out, you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Serious-fun list. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line down it, and on one sdie write “serious,” and on the other side write “fun,” to remind yourself that you do serious work, but you also enjoy yourself.

Visualization-write about you ideal scenario, like a vision of your ideal vacation, what you would do with a million dollars, and put in tangible details to make it plausible. It’s a great mental exercise, but I think it would be great for writing practice. (Just a thought)

“Good I do” list; So many times I was told I didn’t do ANY damn thing right, I was no damn good for nuthin’! BUT when you write down all the good things you’ve done-like cleaning up the park, walking a friend’s dog, getting a good grade, anything positive-you write it down, to remind yourself of the good you do and can do.

“I look forward too…” ; write down a list of all the upcoming events that you look forward to, like a religious service, a party, a date, a book signing, etc.


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