Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance

The Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance (PDWA) is an organization of workers employed in such work as cleaners, nannies, and caregivers in people’s homes. The goal is to form leadership among such workers, to empower them to advocate for themselves on such issues as safety in workplaces, racism, minimum wage, overtime pay, and sexual abuse. Many of these workers are women, mainly immigrant and women of color, who are most vulnerable to abuse, and many labor laws do not cover them.

One of the goals of PDWA is a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, being advocated in Philadelphia, which would raise the working standards for such workers., including written contracts, paid time off, protection from retaliation, and health and safety standards, among other things. Several Philadelphia-area progressive and Labor groups have signed on to support the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

For further Information, and to show support, please look up the website,

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