I Was The Victim of Bullying, Part 2

Having been bullied and harassed as a kid, it distorted my perception of myself. It make me try to adapt myself to each person I came across, fearing they would not approve of me and reject me as a person. It made me think of myself as helpless and powerless, like anyone could do what every they wanted to me and get away with it.

I always tried to prove to others, particularly those in positions of authority over me, that I was indeed, in spite of my faults and imperfections, a good person and truly wanting to do good. But the teachers and principals of the school, and my own dear parents, still acted like I want no good for anything, and the cause of all the teasing and harassment placed upon me-and my inevitable and natural violent reaction against it.

Again, if you are the victim of bullying and harassment, I urge you to, at your first opportunity, get on the first bus out of that area you’re enduring it at. Fortunately for me, I did not even think of suicide, but too many other kids suffering bullying could no longer take it, and killed themselves. You deserve better than that, and those who are tormenting you are not worth the suffering you’re going through. Go someplace where there are supporting and loving people around you, that is what you deserve.

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