Libertarianism is a form of white supremacy: economist

Libertarianism occupies a peculiar spot in the American political landscape as an ideology that garners much more debate and attention than its base of support would seem to suggest. In 2014 poll, Pew Research found that 14 percent of Americans said they identified as libertarians, but only 11 percent identified as libertarians and correctly identified what the term means, that is, “someone whose political views emphasize individual freedom by limiting the role of government.” Even among this …

Source: Libertarianism is a form of white supremacy: economist

I knew it, I KNEW IT! All the talk about “get government off our backs” has all this time been a code for “I want the right to discriminate against whomever I want to discriminate against, for whatever reason, and I still want the government to provide ME services, but not for those people I want to discriminate against.”

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