Pennsylvania Global War On Terror Memorial

The Philadelphia AFL-CIO is one of the many organizations sponsoring the Pennsylvania Global War On Terror Memorial, in honor of those who have fallen for this country in Afghanistan and Iraq. This memorial will e situated in Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing, facing the Delaware River, near the memorials for those who served During Viet Nam and Korea.

For further information, and to contribute, Please contact:

PA GWOT Memorial

PO Box 14554

Philadelphia, PA 19115

On the web: 


1 thought on “Pennsylvania Global War On Terror Memorial

  1. Outstanding. The unfortunate part of it is they’ll need to add space for future growth. This thing is a long ways from over.

    Where I’m from, we have have a memorial to those who served in WW I and II. Interestingly, there’s nothing for Korea, ‘Nam, the Gulf, or the latest war to end wars.

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